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AdashE offers you the opportunity to connect with an audience of over hundreds of  NHS Trust professionals, as well as those working with and for the Trusts.
To enquire about advertising your product, website, or content, please contact us at  

Before enquiring, please review the notes below to see if your advertisements are good fit for the site and its audience.

1. The site is primarily designed to be used as a focal point for those seeking the services of authorising-engineers, and thus focuses on critical engineering functions of healthcare premises.

2. You will provide the discipline you are involved with (e.g fire, water, medical gases, etc.) You will then provide a short description of your service, your logo and the link details to your website.

3. Advertising will be completely free up until 31st December 2022. After that, we will charge the sum of £10.00/month based on a six month renewable agreement.

Advertising will start later in 2022! WATCH THIS SPACE

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