The NHS HTM codes acknowledges the importance of an Authorising Engineer to provide an objective overview of key functions related to the proper running of a healthcare service. 


Hospitals are typically complex premises that require sophisticated a range of solutions to maintain an effective, functional and safe environment.  However, external pressures, including financial considerations, may not always allow NHS Trusts to continually maintain control of their provisions to the level that they would like.


Fire Cubed recognise this and have set up a straightforward service that will ensure that your Trust meets its ethical and regulatory responsibilities when it comes to the key disciplines covered by authorising-engineer services. Our service is designed to keep you in control and compliant - for a single, affordable, annual payment.

Our annual authorising engineer package includes:

  • We will undertake an initial desktop review of all your documentation related to your chosen discipline(s) and provide you with a report with recommendations.

  • We will undertake an annual site visit to review your management systems and processes and to meet stakeholders. We will subsequently issue you with our annual AE report.

  • We will provide an online helpline to assist you with relevant issues as and when they arise.

  • We will provide a support service following an audit by a third party such as the local fire and rescue service and/or CQC. Part of this is to liaise directly with these agencies to resolve matters.

  • We will provide an annual workshop to provide up to date guidance on related issues.

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The AdashE service is an idea developed by Fire Cubed LLP
Specifically designed for the UK NHS. 

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