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Our terms




Note that the contents of this page and details given, are subject to change prior to formal launch of the scheme. 

1. Our annual Authorising Engineer service is specifically designed for NHS Healthcare premises operating within the United Kingdom. All our services will either be conducted directly by a chartered engineer or will be supervised or authorised by a chartered engineer. All personnel used for this service will have suitable levels of experience of healthcare related to their profession. CVs can be provided on request.

2. The Authorising Engineer will act as an independent professional adviser to the healthcare organisation. One of their key requirements is to monitor the performance of management and provide an annual audit to the Board Level Director.

3. The key features of the service are:

  • An initial desktop review of all your documentation: Upon receipt of your key  documents, we will undertake an objective review and prepare a report that will identify the findings and any gaps in information and propose recommendations as appropriate. Typical documents for review will include strategy documents, policies and local management procedures.  We hope to send the report within 30 days of receipt of the documentation. 

  • We will undertake an annual site visit to review your management systems and processes and to meet stakeholders to the relevant Healthcare Technical Memorandum :This will involve meeting key personnel as well as staff around the healthcare premises. This may involve one or two AdashE personnel and should be completed within one or two days on site. Note that every main site will be visited separately if they are included within the fee proposal. We will subsequently issue you with our AdashE format annual AE report which covers the key features required by the relevant HTM . This will be submitted to the Trust Executive unless advised otherwise.

  • Our online technical helpline service will only be available to Trusts registered for the service.   The service is designed to assist with technical queries. If there is a requirement for us to review documents or plans, then this may be charged separately (see item 4 below). Where we cannot provide an answer directly, we will ensure that a response is given within 48 hours. 

  • Our support service following an audit by CQC or other third party inspectors (such as fire services) is designed to assist in gaining closure where issues have been raised. We will use our knowledge and expertise to seek an appropriate solution. Note that we would normally assist off site. Should our involvement require more than two days of resource, or a site visit, then we reserve the right to charge additional fees as highlighted in item 4.

  • We will provide an annual workshop, available to AdashE members, to provide practical guidance for your teams who are often faced with providing solutions with limited budgets.


4. Additional fees: We can offer additional services outside the scheme. These will be chargeable at a specially discounted member's rate.


5. Liability: We aim to provide a professional service at all time, making full use of our knowledge an experience. However, we can take no liability for any part of the service, where is is based upon limited or inaccurate information supplied to us.

6. Data: Any reports or other documents will be loaded onto the Member's page. Note that we will not store any personal data.

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