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All-in-one service 

  for NHS Trusts

Introducing AdashE

Health Technical Memorandum 00 (Policies and principles of healthcare engineering) explains the role of an authorising engineer as someone who will act as an independent professional adviser to a healthcare organisation and to provide services in accordance with the relevant HTM. One of their key roles is to provide an annual audit to the DP (Designated person responsible for the relevant engineering discipline).

We have listened to many NHS Trusts over the last 3 years and the issues they face with appointing and making use of authorising engineers. We understand the lack of consistency of approach across engineering disciplines as well as within any one discipline. We understand the desire for a “joined up” approach.

Our response is to set up a nationwide scheme, making use of a range of experienced professionals to provide you with an all-in-one service at an affordable cost. The scheme will be rolled out gradually. The fire safety scheme is already available. Others will be introduced in due course.

 Fire Safety

Fire safety is a critical and compliance issue within healthcare premises. Our A-E service will ensure you remain in control.


The complexities involved in providing suitable air quality and comfortable conditions for healthcare operations cannot be underestimated Our A-E service will ensure your processes are fit for purpose.

Water Hygiene

Failure to maintain water quality can have devastating  consequences for healthcare operations. We will ensure that proper safeguards are met.

Medical Gases

The methods adopted for the storage and distribution of medical gases need to be carefully controlled and maintained. Our scheme will check for this.


Our scheme will ensure that electricity supplies are sufficiently available, reliable and safe.


Infection control is an essential component of care and one which has too often been undervalued in recent years. Our scheme is designed to give you peace of mind.

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