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About AdashE

The Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management (IHEEM) is an International Professional Engineering Institute specialising in the Healthcare Estates Sector. They define an Authorising Engineer (AE) is an independent engineer or other appropriately experienced and qualified individual appointed to take responsibility for the effective management of the safety guidance recommended by the Department of Health. There are a number of engineering disciplines that may use the services of an authorising engineer, particularly in areas where the risk to Healthcare Trusts is judged to be critical. 

We have learned from a number of Trusts that the output from some AEs is questionable and there is a lack of consistency of approach within a single engineering disciplines and across different disciplines. In order to rectify this, we are introducing an AE scheme in 2020 and 2021 to provide a single usable framework and methodology across AE disciplines.

Realising that NHS Budgets are tight, we aimed to provide the key services typically required under one package at an affordable annual fee. The scheme makes use of current technology by streamlining our site investigation and reporting process.


Another issue is access to the latest versions of authorising engineer documents. To assist, all key documents will be available on each Client members page. The page will also provide a portal to ask technical queries as well as provide a calendar of AE activities. This website will be used as a focal point for all those wishing to register and make use of the AdashE service. 

The AdashE scheme was formulated by Fire Cubed LLP. Note that all AdashE information is registered to Fire Cubed LLP.

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Technicians at Work
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